Cat Only Care
(no dogs allowed)

We are a small and exclusive cattery in West Lothian, Scotland and as such offer cat only care. Not a dog in site !

Heated Family
Size Pens

We offer fully insulated, heated family size pens at our cattery in West Lothian ensuring your cats stay nice and warm all year round.

Constructed by Pedigree Pens Ltd.

We chose the leading cattery manufacturer in the UK, to construct our cattery. Find out more here.

Fully Licensed

Our cattery is fully licensed by the local council and environmental health department ensuring we maintain the highest standards.

Pick up and Delivery Service

We can pick up and drop off your cats if you require. Should you require our collection and delivery service please enquire with us.

24 Hour Veterinary Call-Out

For all cats staying with us at Ali Cats Cattery we offer 24/7 veterinary call-out ensuring that in an emergency your cats will be given the best of care.

24 Hour On Site Attendance

At Ali Cats Cattery there will always be someone on site as we provide 24/7 attendance. This ensures your cats are safe and well looked after at all times.

All Cats Are
Fully Insured

All cats staying with us are fully insured. Vets insurance is included in the price for the duration of your cats stay with us.

TARIFF (per day)

1 Cat £15

2 Cats £22

3 Cats £27

4 Cats £33

Contact Us

Opening times: Monday to Friday: 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm

Saturday: 10am – 12pm | Sunday: Closed

Charges are inclusive of food, heating, and veterinary insurance during your cats stay.

There is no charge for administering any medication your vet has prescribed.

All guests must have an up to date vaccination record.

Loving tender care – free of charge !

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery and collection available on request.
  • If a cat is collected before the end of the booked period we normally charge for the whole period, as we may have had to turn down other bookings for that period.
  • Once a confirmed booking has been accepted, the customer will be liable for the full cost of the booking.
  • We cannot accept un-neutered male cats over the age of 7 months. This is to ensure our other guests have a peaceful stay.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any guest who appears to be in particularly poor health.
  • We provide bedding, scratch posts, combs, etc , but you are very welcome to bring your cats own things to make his/ her stay more comfortable.
  • We will try our best to provide the same food your cat eats at home- and although we have set feeding times, we are happy to accommodate your cats requirements.
  • Snacks of cooked chicken, fish, and turkey will be provided – unless you request us not to do so,
  • Each unit is cleaned daily- and Alison spends time with every cat on an individual basis – As a cat lover, she considers this time well spent. A contented cat is a calm and happy cat.
  • We can provide heated pads for our elderly guests on request.
  • Alison grooms all cats each day, you may bring your own comb/ brush- or we have sterilized combs that we can use.

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